Mono Ethylene Glycol

Mono ethylene glycol is a commercially important raw material in the manufacture of PET (poly ethylene terephthalate) polyester (fiber, film and bottle grade), one of ethylene glycol’s two major chemical uses which consumes a large portion of total MEG production.
Mono ethylene glycol’s other major use, a non-polymer one, is as an antifreeze blending for liquid-cooled motor vehicles to lower the freezing point when mixed with water.

Di Ethylene Glycol

Di ethylene glycol is used mainly as an intermediate in the production of unsaturated polyesterresin and as an alcohol component in polyurethane manufacturing.

Tri Ethylene Glycol

Tri ethylene glycol has similar properties to DEG and is frequently preferred when a less volatile compound is required. TEG is the preferred agent for drying natural gas and in othermoisture removing applications.


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  • Ethanol

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  • Di Glycol Amine

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